On 24th of February, my brother cum friend Uttam Pegu booked me my first blog domain. He wrote to me “Hi Manoranjan, Refer to your earlier mail. As per your email, I had booked the domain www.voiceoftheoppressed.in and installed word press blogging. Kindly check and revert”
I was of ecstatic and finally I posted my first blog “Unity is what tribes needs today” right after three days of registering the site. The Blog was started with an objective of highlighting the issues about the tribes of India. But in later course of time, it also spread out to various other issues and covered themes like labour, working class, social movements and personal narratives.

Since then, the journey has been a memorable one. My blog has earned its fame and is becoming quite popular. A few of the blogs have been reproduced in a few journals across South Asia. And a few of my friends and activists have started contributing towards the Blog.

Till today, Voice of the Oppressed has posted 24 Blogs. The latest Google analytics report shows that it has had 1,273 visits coming from 59 countries/territories. Due to the growing popularity of the blog, this year I decided to give my blog a new look. Thus a theme has been finalized and also a design of a Magazine is given to the Look. The look of course has its objectives, as this blogs want to spread out as forum where people can write on issues which are in line with the Objective of the Blog.

At a personal level, the Blog has helped me grow at lot. My writing has matured and so has my thought process. The Blog today celebrates its first Birthday and is today what it is only because of its wide readership. Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers visiting this site. Please do keep visiting this site and keep writing to me with inputs for its development. If you want your writings to be published in this site please visit the contact us page or write to us at voiceoftheoppressed.in@gmail.com

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