50 things I miss about Cotton College

Spent 2 years in Cotton College from 2002-2004. Did my H.S. in Arts from there. Stayed at MNDP Hostel, popularly known as DS (Double Storey). Cotton College experience is almost inexplicable. It’s a league of its own. If you’re a cottonian, you know this. But here I list some things that I miss about my stay at Cotton.

  1. Getting military-style hair cuts and wearing full sleeves shirts without tucking for a month as a part of ‘freshers orientation’ into hostel
  2. Getting and giving ‘Festival’ (something we dreaded as juniors, if you’re a Cottonian you would know what it means)
  3. Enjoying that little extra leverage from ragging, as you played sports and the hostel seniors wanted you.
  4. Singing random songs for seniors, as they suddenly felt like listening to me sing.
  5. Collecting and memorizing the home addresses of every senior in the hostel. I mean it did not make any sense, but we had to. We had separate notebooks just to write those down
  6. Asking the names of ‘pretty girls’ in your class because some random hostel seniors liked them
  7. Sitting on college stairs (when you are freshers, you are not allowed to sit on them, or else ‘Festival Khaba’)
  8. Having the best of the times with the seniors who actually gave you the hardest times
  9. Freshers parties at cotton college. (Umm they are super fun)
  10. Getting up super early and going to Judges field and blocking the pitch for cricket match against other hostel residents
  11. Staying up till late night and blocking part of the roads near the college for election campaigns. (We painted on the roads ‘Vote for …..candidates name…..’)
  12. Going to the dining hall early on Saturdays to get extra puris
  13. Doing Hostel Mess Shopping in Paltan Bazar
  14. Going to the PCO after dinner to make calls to family (Strictly Family……:P, if you know what I am saying)
  15. Playing cricket at the Hostel lawns
  16. Shouting and Singing like crazy in the Bathrooms
  17. Saraswati Puja celebrations. It allowed us to visit the girls’ hostel
  18. Handique Girls College. Oh, we cottonians love Handique College
  19. College Elections
  20. Moving from hostel to hostel campaigning, singing songs and dancing.
  21. Preparing for March past competition
  22. Requesting the armed forces Bhaiyas at the Transit Camp, Guwahati for their black army shoes, as we did not have enough to compete in the March Past competition
  23. Making fun of the ‘Kaala Panis’ (You would know what it means if you are a Cottonian)
  24. Winning the competition for 3 years continuously. Crying out of happiness in Latasil Field
  25. Irritating the Warden by making more noise when he was on the rounds
  26. Dancing like crazy in the hostel verandah to ‘Bheege Honth Tere’. we overdid it as the road next to the hostel were used by girls to go to their classes
  27. Breaking lights of trucks who disobeyed the order of ‘no entry’ to the cotton roads, especially during exams. (we were studying and the noises of the trucks disturbed us..:P )
  28. Our Hostel warden shouting at the police personnel and asking them to get out of our hostel premises. we were proud of this that night πŸ™‚
  29. Watching all kinds of movies (you know, if you know) in those mini size TVs in our hostel rooms.
  30. Studying hard for exams (Yes, unlike popular belief, we also studied. Well at least, sometimes)
  31. Late night tea at Railway Station
  32. Movies at Apsara Cinema Hall. We used the Hostel letter pads to break the line and get tickets. Sometimes at Rupashree too. (if you are a cottonian, you will know πŸ˜› )
  33. Sometimes it did not work and we had to get into some fights in the tickets line !!!
  34. Bunking classes and spending lazy times at the canteen
  35. Getting into unnecessary conflicts with the local students. (Local vs Hostel disputes were rampant in cotton college)
  36. Defeating the ‘Local cricket team’ in sports week
  37. ‘Fitting’ for classmates and seniors during exams (If you’re Cottonianan, you would know)
  38. Having parties in the evenings, if the ‘Fitting’ went right !!!
  39. Rajabala and RanibalaΒ (Yes they were girls hostel)
  40. Opening my first Orkut Account at the internet cafe near our Hostel (yes, that’s all we did at the cafe πŸ˜› )
  41. Communal bathing near the MNDP hostel water tanker, generally after cricket matches
  42. Exchanging shirts with friends (People did not know which shirt was whose πŸ™‚ )
  43. Collecting 40 rs to buy pork fry from AT Road to not eat the hostel ka sabzi
  44. Stationary shopping at MC Trading (The shop is still there)
  45. Basketball games at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Guwahati
  46. Dighalipukhuri
  47. Hitting on the first girl crush and getting rejected πŸ˜›
  48. Hostel Picnics- Umm they were fun
  49. Asking your friends and seniors write parting memories in your notebook
  50. Crying like crazy when you had to leave college after 2 years of ‘best times’

Not an exhaustive list…You can never list down all your memories of cotton college.

If you are a Cottonian, you would know !!!


(The featured image shows me and my friend Jitu pegu, visiting and posing at our hostel gate)

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